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    Blog #14 Warm flower bath

    In Aalsmeer, the 'praam' is a household name. For generations, lilacs have been sailed back and forth with this boat from the islands surrounding the Westeinderplassen to the grower's greenhouse. Nowadays, not only the breeders have a ‘praam’, but it has become a pleasure craft for many. During the festive week of Aalsmeer, many thousands of Aalsmeer residents come together for the 'Pramenrace'. A pleasant annual event where about 150 ‘pramen’ participate in the race. So you can say that the ‘praam’ is an important connecting factor in Aalsmeer. Not only for the growers and their islands, but also between many different people, water lovers, youth and partygoers.


    Connecting factor

    Flowers also have this connecting factor. You can tell something with flowers that you can't with other products. Flowers translate people's feelings, give an experience, it brings people into contact with each other, you can look each other in the eye again. You can feel and smell flowers.

    It connects breeders who are constantly looking for innovation with the growers who make a beautiful product out of it, and with the auction where many products end up, the trade that offers customers tailor-made services, and the designers and florists who are so passionate about giving consumers an experience.

    Last weekend we combined the connecting factor of the praam and of flowers. Together with captain Steffan, who had graciously allowed to use his ‘praam’, we were able to show beautiful hydrangeas from two different breeders while sailing.



    The golden 'warm' bath was partly filled with different varieties from breeder Agriom: 'Royal Parade', 'Royal Navy', 'Royal Benefit', 'Royal Anastasia' and a new white/green that has no name yet, but where people have high expectations.


    Ko Kolk

    Breeder Ko Kolk was also represented with the varieties: 'Verena', 'Verena Pink Classic', 'Verena Blue', 'Verena Green', 'Casanova' and a new white variety called 'Allure'. This white Allure has a harder flower in the autumn than the well-known Scheeball and will probably do very well.


    The colors of flowers on the water, the symbolic bathtub and the ‘praam’ tell a story; reinforce each other, give an experience but the most important thing; connect people.


    FloraPodium,  07 October 2021



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