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    Malus 'Red Sentinel'

    Johan and Karin Briggeman are fruit growers. In addition to types of apple, they also grow ornamental apples. Their difference; they deliver malus branches in boxes! And of course we wanted to know more about that.



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    Clusia rosea 'Princess'

    Hydropony is a fun emerging trend in the field of green house plants. These plants are not in a pot with soil, but with the roots in a nice glass with water. In this way, not only does the leaf give the ornamental value, but the root of the plant also contributes to a stylish interior. Krista van der Eijk, from V.D.E.Plant told us everything about her passion and this new development within the company.



    Ornamental fruits

    To celebrate our last holiday edition, we wanted to share something about the beautiful fruits that you see in this colorful autumn period.


    Tiny Flower Boat


    With its purple canopies, the TFB is hard to miss and it triggers a lot of reactions. Most people thinks it's pretty crazy, such a small house on the water. Of course it makes people curious, who is on that boat?



    Blog #4 FloraPodium 'Plants' live!

    FloraPodium is currently being described as the addition to the general menu at a star restaurant. But during such a dinner you’re allowed to spoil yourself with an extra dessert, right?


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