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    Pieris japonica 'Cupido'

    A special Pieris, with thick bunches of flowers. Many people will love this exclusive spring flower. The flowers have a white color with a salmon-colored glow. The plant itself has beautiful dark green elliptical leaves that stay green for a long time. Frank from Nibo Sierteelt takes us to their fields where this fairytale-like cultivation takes place.



    The story of the daffodil will be lost!

    This week, we have selected 10 different varieties of daffodils on FloraPodium to promote the daffodil with its story.


    Tiny Flower Boat

    Has arrived!

    Last weekend, with unexpectedly good weather, the big day arrived! The Tiny Flower Boat was ready to meet the world.



    Blog #2: On Tour @ Fleuramour

    Last weekend, from 21 to 24 September, we decided to go to Fleuramour; a special event at the Alden Biesen estate in Bilzen, Belgium.


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