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    Asclepias incarnata ´Soulmate´

    “Nico, do you have anything special in your garden?” We asked Nico from the Janson nursery curiously. We don't just ask Nico for nothing. We know that he always grows the most unique and beautiful varieties at his nursery. 



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    Albuca spiralis 'Frizzle Sizzle'

    "Frizzle Sizzle" ... the name already has something attractive. This nice plant has fresh yellow flowers and spreads a delicious lemon-like scent. But with her beautifully curled leaves she really steals the show.




    Lilium 'Corsage'

    G.I.A. Flowers grows many exclusive flowers, including the Lilium ‘Corsage’. This is a flower that deserves some extra attention.


    Tiny Flower Boat

    Has arrived!

    Last weekend, with unexpectedly good weather, the big day arrived! The Tiny Flower Boat was ready to meet the world.



    Blog #4 FloraPodium 'Plants' live!

    FloraPodium is currently being described as the addition to the general menu at a star restaurant. But during such a dinner you’re allowed to spoil yourself with an extra dessert, right?


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