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    Tiny Flower Boat

    Has arrived


    Tiny Flower Boat has arrived!

    Last weekend, with unexpectedly good weather, the big day arrived! The Tiny Flower Boat was ready to meet the world. From the pier at Café Restaurant De Zotte Wilg in Aalsmeer, where the TFB has its permanent home port, the TFB was officially christened and put into use. Subsequently, a number of test runs were made on Saturday and Sunday with lots of interested visitors. Through a 'plug & play' system with easily movable planters, the TFB is provided with a changing flower or plant decoration. On Saturday there were winter plants on the TFB and on Sunday several of these bins were replaced by a series of beautifully arranged flower arrangements in which flowers of 20 different breeders could be admired. A third set of bins was filled with Florist Garvinea’s; a colorful selection of garden gerberas. Both the inner and outer bins, in the special lilac TFB color, are made of plastic and specially made by the company Lechuza, also known for the Playmobil.

    Inside, the Tiny Flower Boat is fully equipped; up to 10 people can sit at 'the kitchen table'. While enjoying the beautiful Westeinder Waters, where Captain Sjaak can give the necessary explanation about the typical Aalsmeer lilac islands, there is plenty of opportunity for good conversation! The TFB is the perfect place for parties to meet and connect! Growers can show their products, the TFB becomes a sailing Florapodium and they can invite their relations to come and admire these products in a unique setting!

    The Tiny Flower Boat will be present on the Aalsmeer lakes in the coming years; you must come and have a look some time! And if, for example, you are planning to visit the Trade Fair or IFTF in the second week of November, do not forget to visit us! In this week the TFB will also be sailing!




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