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    Nerine elegance "Salmon Twinkle"


    Nerine "Salmon Twinkle" is available from late August to mid-September.


    In the spotlights

    In recent years, Nerine has gained popularity. Not only florists and designers are charmed by this elegant flower, but consumers are also starting to show more appreciation for this beautiful presence. The flowers are graceful, have a long lifespan, and are available in a range of stunning colors. Ben Jansen, owner of Tunezo nursery, has added the stunning Nerine elegance "Salmon Twinkle" of his assortment. This specific type is truly unique due to its remarkable color.



    Ben Jansen is at the helm of Tunezo nursery (Tulips, Nerine, and Summer Flowers), along with his wife Wapke. He has specialized in growing exclusive and beautiful products. With great enthusiasm, we gladly take a look at his nursery, where we've previously been introduced to extraordinary double Scabiosa caucasica, elegant Campanula lactiflora, and Eremurus. Only the very best meets his standards!


    Nerine elegance "Salmon Twinkle"

    We asked Ben what makes the "Salmon Twinkle" so special. "Of course, it's primarily the color," he answered immediately. As the name suggests, the "Salmon Twinkle" has beautiful salmon-colored petals that have an enchanting, sparkling sheen. This sheen truly comes to life in sunlight! The "Salmon Twinkle" is ideal for bridal work! But whether in a bouquet, arrangement, or simply at home in a vase, it absolutely steals the show.




    Nerine is inherently a very sustainable crop. It is robust, actually requires minimal use of pesticides, and the need for heating during growth is minimal.

    For the cultivation of Nerines, Ben has closely collaborated with his neighbor Bas van Keulen in recent years. Bas mainly focuses on breeding and cultivating large quantities, while Ben concentrates on selecting new varieties and growing these unique types on a smaller scale. Together, they introduce new varieties to the market and take on new challenges in cultivation techniques. How can they obtain the longest and thickest stems in the most sustainable way?

    After planting the bulbs, it takes about five to six months before the flowers can be harvested. Subsequently, the flowers need one to two months for what is known as "bulb growth". A new bud must first develop in the bulb before the bulbs can be harvested. Once harvesting takes place, the side bulbs ("klisters") are removed, the bulbs are cleaned, and they are stored in a cooling cell at a temperature of two degrees Celsius. The men handle the "klisters" very carefully, especially with the small and unique varieties. These will ultimately form the new bulbs.


    Cutting at a Riper Stage

    Ben uses a more mature cutting stage for all his Nerine varieties compared to most other growers. His focus is on the high-end segment within Europe. Since the transport of these flowers occurs in water and not in boxes, this certainly benefits the quality and prevents damage to the flowers with open buds. Moreover, the flowers derive more energy from the bulb because they are cut later. This contributes to a longer shelf life.


    Enthusiasm and Dedication

    Ben considers himself a true enthusiast who carries out his work with great passion. He finds joy in planting the bulbs and envisions what will grow out of them in a few months. Both Ben and Bas view Nerine as a beautiful product. It is not a mass product but rather intended for the exclusive market. Its cultivation brings challenges, but the recognition they receive for this product makes all the efforts worthwhile!


    FloraPodium, 31 August 2023



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