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    Tulipa (French tulip)

    The French tulip is a tulip that is not known to many consumers at all, even though it is much larger, longer and more pronounced than the normal 'Dutch' tulip. In addition, the French tulip also has a long vase life. We spoke with breeder Frank Schouten of nursery XLTulips to learn more about this beautiful French tulip.

    Visit us!

    Next week you can find us at the IPM in Essen, Germany. We hope to see you next week!




    Verboom at Tiny Flower Boat

    A number of beautiful Helleborus plants, the so-called 'Winter Angels' from nursery Verboom Winter Angels, have taken a tour on the Tiny Flower Boat on our Aalsmeer lakes.


    Tiny Flower Boat

    Has arrived!

    Last weekend, with unexpectedly good weather, the big day arrived! The Tiny Flower Boat was ready to meet the world.



    Blog #2: On Tour @ Fleuramour

    Last weekend, from 21 to 24 September, we decided to go to Fleuramour; a special event at the Alden Biesen estate in Bilzen, Belgium.


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