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    Inspiration Page... 'Pointsettia'

    Poinsettias and design; at first glance these words might seem a contradiction in terms. After all, the plant is still struggling to gain a more modern image but, take a closer look, and you'll quickly realise the great potential of the poinsettia, which hardly any other winter-flowering plant can match in terms of versatility and decorative possibilities.


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    Phalaenopsis Hadithi®

    Levoplant recently launched the Hadithi® concept on the market. Hadithi® means "story". With Hadithi®, worlds are linked together. The supporting stick tells the story of young people of the African Zulu tribe.




    Lepidium Green Dragon™

    Lepidium Green Dragon, bred in Israel, is light, airy, and long-lasting and sturdy and makes the perfect cut flower and is a real attention grabber.




    Buyers regularly go out to find the most beautiful products and to stay in touch with our growers. They constantly look for the best buys, keep their eye out for exclusive products and while doing so collect information about the cultivation of the crop.



    Blog #14: Warm flower bath

    The colors of flowers on the water, the symbolic bathtub and the ‘praam’ tell a story; reinforce each other, give an experience but the most important thing; connect people.


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