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    Asters from grower Zijdezicht

    The long cold winter days give way to the sun, spring is in full swing and we are already looking forward to summer. Indispensable in this time of year are asters; especially the purple and white variant are very popular. We visited the Zijdezicht nursery, where we were given a lovely tour by Ron van Oosten. He told us everything about cultivation and in particular about the beautiful blue 'Olivia' and lilac colored 'Cassandra'.


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    Carnivorous Plants

    Carnivorous plants… Especially small children find them fun, interesting and fascinating. But adults also secretly cannot keeptheir hands off them and still want to see if the mouths really close and are curious what happens if a fly gets stuck. We also wanted to know more about this special plant family. We visited the Laguna nursery, where Chris Kester told us all about the carnivorous plants.



    Limonium ENCHANTÉ™

    We were introduced to Limonium Enchanté by breeder Danziger from Israel. Striking are the enormously heavy, sturdy stems with thick flower wigs and the intense blue/purple colour.




    Buyers regularly go out to find the most beautiful products and to stay in touch with our growers. They constantly look for the best buys, keep their eye out for exclusive products and while doing so collect information about the cultivation of the crop.



    Blog #19: King's Day in Paris

    King's Day 2022; finally we could celebrate again the way we used to in the past, and we were all so happy about that.


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