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    Rosa "Magical Sunset"

    The autumn season is in full swing, nature is showing its most beautiful colors. We came into contact with grower John Veldkamp through breeder Kolster. He has a fantastic new rosehip in his range. We went to visit Veldkamp Sierteelt, where John told us everything about the Rosa "Magical Sunset".



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    Lova is actually a collective name for a number of different plants that have one thing in common; the way they grow. The plants grow on a lava rock; not only incredibly decorative but also very captivating and interesting. Read on for more about this special product.




    FloraPodium gives Masterclass

    A fantastic project where all aspects of the floriculture sector came together; breeder, grower, exporter, arranger, teachers and the students (the future of our sector).


    Pop-Up Aalsmeer

    Pop-Up Aalsmeer

    It was officially opened on Friday November 20; the Pop-Up Aalsmeer; a local initiative that FloraPodium and Barendsen are happy to participate in.



    Blog #9: Pop-Up Aalsmeer

    Pop-Up Aalsmeer was opened last Friday, November 20, in the presence of Councilor Robert van Rijn. Two young lilac growers, Erik Kramer and Frank Weenink, offered a beautiful bunch of lilacs for the occasion, as a symbol of Aalsmeer entrepreneurship!


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