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    Amaranthus caudatus "Spider"

    Amaranths comes in different shapes and varieties. Years ago, Theo van Iterson discovered a very unique species in his crop. He became curious and further bred this mutant. Today this variety is available in three different colors. We visited Theo, who told us extensively about the Amaranthus caudatus "Spider"!



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    Calathea crocata "Tassmania" 

    Autumn is approaching! A beautiful season where nature shows its most stunning colors! For this edition, the FloraPodium has selected a plant that, in our opinion, fits very well at this time of the year. We visited nursery Tass where Ronald van der Knaap gave us a look behind the scenes of the company and told us everything about the Calathea crocata "Tassmania".




    Hydrangea Inspiration Weeks 2020

    A very fun and educational initiative realized by all hydrangea suppliers of Royal Flora Holland. 


    Tiny Flower Boat


    With its purple canopies, the TFB is hard to miss and it triggers a lot of reactions. Most people thinks it's pretty crazy, such a small house on the water. Of course it makes people curious, who is on that boat?



    Blog #8: Novelty Hotel Flower City Aalsmeer

    FloraPodium presents: Novelty Hotel Flower City Aalsmeer! Are you in?

    No tradefair? But perhaps we can offer uyou an alternative!


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