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    FloraPodium on Tour: FlowerHunters

    Buyers regularly go out to find the most beautiful products and to stay in touch with our growers. They constantly look for the best buys, keep their eye out for exclusive products and while doing so collect information about the cultivation of the crop.

    On this page we would like to bring you along on these educational, stunning and above all fun Flowerhunter visits!!


    FlowerHunter: Esther Schreuder


    Ben and Wapke from nursery Tunezo (TUlpen, NErine and ZOmerbloemen), grow different kinds of seasonal products. We visited the garden to learn about some of the new varieties they plan to introduce next year.


    Campanula lactiflora is not entirely new. It has already been introduced to the market about twenty years ago, but then the product didn't quite get the reception they wanted. Fortunately trends change, also with flowers. Ben thinks this cheerful summer bloomer fits well into the current flower trend. Tunezo is the only company that grows this variety, which means that the product remains exclusive. Campanula is available in purple and pink.


    For next year Tunezo has planned two new Eremurus varieties for exclusive cultivation. A very nice cream colored Eremurus and an equally nice warm salmon colored Eremurus. According to Tunezo, both new varieties have an impressive length (140 cm), a good vase life, uniform branches and a beautiful color. This year he will probably only produce 15 branches, but next year he hopes he will have larger numbers available.


    This Scabiosa, still unnamed, is a double (filled) caucasica. According to Ben, it is unique in its appearance. The first flowers are blossoming now, in August he expects more, although this year it will still be a very limited number. He’s hoping he can produce larger numbers next year.


    FloraPodium on Tour, Heemskerk, 25 June 2021


    Kroon Flowers

    FlowerHunter: Esther Schreuder


    Kroon Flowers is a family business that has been involved in the horticultural industry for over 100 years. Martien grows three varieties of heavy Dutch quality Eryngium, all three varieties with an exclusive character. Eryngium 'Lovely White Green', Eryngium 'Blue Lagoon' and Eryngium zabelii 'Donard Variety'. In addition, Martien grows lavender and peonies on a small scale. 


    FloraPodium on Tour, Abbenes, 18 June 2021


    Kolster BV

    FlowerHunter: Esther Schreuder


    The FloraPodium was invited to the open house at breeder Kolster BV. We were given a fantastic tour of the garden and were able to admire all the new varieties in detail in the exhibition area.

    The company Kolster BV is originally a tree and plant nursery. From the standard assortment of plants and shrubs the love for breeding originated. Initially to perfect existing varieties, but not long afterwards new varieties were bred. All Kolster bred plants are marketed under the brand name 'Magical'. This brand name ensures worldwide recognition in the sector.


    FloraPodium on Tour, Boskoop, 18 June 2021


    Royal van Zanten

    FlowerHunter: Ingrid Heugens en Peter van Delft


    Royal van Zanten has been breeding various types of cut flowers and pot plants for more than 150 years. During their open house, Ingrid and Peter were able to view and judge the flowering trials of different varieties of chrysanthemums that may be available in the future! And there were lots of wonderful and colorful varieties which we hope to see more of soon.


    FloraPodium on Tour, Valkenburg, 17 June 2021


    L&A Ravensbergen

    FlowerHunter: Peter van Delft


    Peter visited nursery L&A Ravensbergen in Oegstgeest. Ravensbergen is a real seasonal grower, active from spring to autumn. According to Ravensbergen they grow according to real old Dutch craft. With great passion Ravensbergen grows a variety of products, such as Nigella, Zinnia, Helipterum, Panicum, Gomphrena and Iberis. In the coming weeks his nursery will mainly produce Zinnia Lilliput and Iberis in pink and white.

    Ravensbergen specializes in small numbers of exclusive trade. He is always looking for products that others do not have. He is therefore one of the few growers who grows Iberis as a cut flower.


    FloraPodium on Tour, Oegstgeest, 01 June 2021


    Nico Janson

    FlowerHunter: Peter van Delft


    Nico has specialized in the cultivation of special, unusual flowers. He grows different kinds of seasonal products like Asclepias, Rudbeckia, Phlox, Mentha, Sedum, Euphorbia, Alchemilla, Stachus and Sanquisorba.As a hobby, Nico propagates Asclepias from seeds. As a breeder of Asclepias, he even has the very striking Asclepias 'Beatrix' and 'Amalia Improved' as introductions to his name.Peter took some beautiful photos of the Asclepias Red Antonia supers during his visit. These are available until October. In spring the flowers are still grown inside, later in the season they are also grown outside. Read more about an earlier visit and the Asclepias incarnata ‘Soulmate’ here.


    FloraPodium on Tour, Lisse, 17 May 2021


    Dirk Alderden

    FlowerHunter: Rob van Leeuwen en Peter van Delft


    Dirk Alderden is a grower who grows his products with love and passion. He has several beautiful rose varieties that have an English nostalgic look, some of which with a lovely fragrance.  He grows in the old-fashioned way in the open ground, without a heating system in the greenhouse. This means that his roses grow the natural way, relying on the warmth of the sun. The spring has been exceptionally cold this year, and for that reason his cultivation started later and the stems are a bit shorter. This year, Alderden has expanded his range with some new varieties. He grows all varieties on a small scale, so the numbers are exclusive and limited.


    FloraPodium on Tour, Aalsmeer, 29 April 2021


    Jan van der Salm

    FlowerHunter: Peter van Delft


    Peter visited Arno van der Salm, from Nursery Jan van der Salm. In 1993 Arno took over the company. Arno Matrecaria is currently growing 3 colors Anthirrium and 4 colors Campanula Medium. The company is MPS A certified.


    FloraPodium on Tour, Zoeterwoude, 1 April 2021


    Monarch Flowers

    FlowerHunter: Jan de Boer


    On Thursday the 20th of May 2021 Jan visited Monarch Flowers in Naaldwijk, The plant sales company Green Works from the town of Schagen has a nursery there for the Butterfly Ranunculus and also a trial set-up for the Ranunculus Romance series. Both the Butterfly and the Romance series originate from the Japanese breeder Aya Engei. The Butterfly has been on the market in The Netherlands for 6 years now and was first imported from Portugal and Italy. The nursery in Naaldwijk grows exclusively for the Dutch market. There are no other growers in the Netherlands. In this way they control the plant material themselves and can grow the purest product possible. The crops of the Butterfly and Romance species are a sight for sore eyes.


    FloraPodium on Tour, 's-Gravenzande,  1 April 2021



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