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    Plumeria Hawaiian


    The Plumeria Hawaiian is available till mid-November.


    In the spotlights

    A few weeks ago we visited Richplant, and we were amazed! We saw the most astounding flowering and green plants and one of these special plants was the Plumeria Hawaiian. A beautiful flowering plant that smells wonderful and that has a wonderful story behind it!



    Richplant is the grocery store among supermarkets. Since 1983, various flowering and green plants have been grown here all year round, which are just that little bit more exclusive than the masses. Products with added value, special in their color or inflorescence. Owner Richard Scheffers is a real hobbyist. A grower with feeling for his cultivation and who takes care of his products with passion, can only produce beautiful, high-quality products.



    Various types of exclusive flowering houseplants are sold under the name "Rich Sense", including the wonderfully fragrant Plumeria Hawaiian. The Plumeria is a plant that makes everyone happy! The plant radiates a tropical feeling in the living room with its delicate flowers and wonderful scent. There are more than 650 different types of Plumerias. However, Richplant only grows the Plumeria Hawaiian. These are Plumerias that have been specially selected for their compact shape, rich flowering and wonderful fragrance, making them a very suitable strain for growing in a pot.


    Fun facts about the plant

    The Plumeria (also known as Frangipani), is native to the Caribbean and was introduced to the Americas by Spanish priests. In Hawaii, the flowers are used to make wreaths and tourists are welcomed with beautiful wreaths around their necks.

    In modern Polynesian culture, the Plumeria flower is worn by women to show if they are available for a relationship. Over the right ear means 'searching', over the left ear means ‘taken’. The Plumeria flower signifies loyalty in Hindu culture. Hindu women wear them in their hair on their wedding day to show their loyalty to their husbands.

    The name “Frangipani” comes from the Italian nobleman Marquis Frangipani, who invented perfumed gloves in the 16th century. The smell of the Frangipani reminded people of these perfumed gloves and that is why they called this flower Frangipani. The name Plumeria comes from the French Botanist Charles Plumier from the 17th century who described various types of Plumeria.


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    The Plumeria likes a light, sunny position. This means a lot of sunlight but not directly in the bright sun.
    A Plumeria is very easy to maintain. Water the Plumeria regularly, but not too much. A Plumeria can withstand drought better than too much moisture. Just watering on top of the potting soil is fine.
    It is possible that a leaf sometimes turns yellow, that is very normal and can be caused by various factors. This does not mean that the Plumeria will die; this leaf can simply be removed.



    The Plumeria cutting is actually a bare 'stem'. When you see these trunks it is hard to imagine that this will grow into a beautiful tropical plant. Once these trunks have been planted, it is very important that they get a good root base. Only then will the plant produce leaves and can the flower emerge from the plant. This happens under very critical climatic conditions, because the Plumeria is not so easy to get into bloom. Once the plant blooms, it will not disappoint. Up to 250 flowers can grow from each flower bud, which unfold in stages to an exotic beauty with a delicious scent.

    When the plant has finished flowering, you can try to get it to flower again, but it is by no means guaranteed that it will work.
    After flowering, the plant will drop the leaves, at which point the plant goes into rest. The plant needs less water and may be slightly colder. In the summer the plant will produce leaves again, then it also needs a little more water and with a bit of luck a new bud can grow.



    The Richplant company has a modern and flexible layout. Their aim is to supply a surprising, extensive range of flowering and green plants all year round. They are MPS-GAP, MPS-SQ (Socially Qualified), MPS-Q (Quality) and GRASP certified. Richplant is also affiliated with Decorum Company, which guarantees the delivery of green and flowering plants and flowers of the highest quality.


     FloraPodium, 23 June 2022



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