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    FloraPodium behind the scenes

    FloraPodium Goes on Holiday! That means that we put fewer products in the spotlight than normal. Over the past six months, we have put new products in the spotlight every week, products which, according to the FloraPodium team, deserved extra attention. These flowers were either unknown, innovative or they simply had a nice story. The team behind FloraPodium has been busy to bring these stories to your attention in a fun way every single week. But how do we get those stories?

    The FloraPodium team weekly visits a nursery that has a beautiful product. Usually these are extremely specialized growers who have a story to tell. Our team consists of nine enthusiastic people who look at what the market offers us every week. From this a selection is made of the products that we would like to give a place in the spotlight. But our team is never complete, as different people tend to help out and introduce something that they feel has added value at that moment. By cooperating we give these beautiful products the attention they deserve!

    We try to turn the highlights of our visit to a nursery into a fascinating story, to take the reader to the nursery in a way. By briefly filming and taking photos that we share with the story, we hope to give the reader a look behind the scenes of these beautiful companies. Almost all nurseries are family businesses where flowers are grown from generation to generation. All of them are as enthusiastic, passionate and driven to tell their story. To get the highlights from a story is therefore quite a challenge, as there is always so much to tell. What do we want to share and what not?

    Even the FloraPodium is surprised every week by the beautiful products and their stories. A gloriosa that suddenly turns from green to pink in the vase, a sunflower that is not yellow but cream-colored, the breeding of flowers that takes years to get the same quality or orchids that can now be grown organically. Every week we learn more about what our floriculture sector has to offer and it continues to surprise and amaze us.

    Are you a grower and would you like to share your story? Sign up with your product; we will contact you as soon as possible!


    Lynn Dumoulin, 01 August 2018



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