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    FloraPodium 'Plants' live!

    First let me introduce myself! My name is Marit van Emmerik and at the moment I am in my second year of the Teacher and Knowledge Manager Training in the green sector, focusing on floral art. I follow this course at the Aeres Hogeschool in Wageningen (formerly Stoas).

    During my preparatory education at the MBO I did many internships at flower shops. During my work at all these stores I always wondered where exactly those beautiful products came from. FloraPodium provides the opportunity to find out!  It offers me the chance to discover the stories of growers with special products. For this reason I contacted FloraPodium, where I have been working for two months now. Now I can really get to know the story behind the flowers and plants!

    FloraPodium is currently being described as the addition to the general menu at a star restaurant. But during such a dinner you’re allowed to spoil yourself with an extra dessert, right? That is why I set up the FloraPodium for Plants as an internship assignment together with the FloraPodium team. For FloraPodium Plants, unlike cut flowers, a new item will be placed every second Monday of the month. So spoil yourself even more and stay tuned to the FloraPodium website!


    Marit van Emmerik, 05 April 2019



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