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    Online professional contest MBO Bloem

    A number of students from various participating schools in the Netherlands participated in the online professional flower contest. FloraPodium was asked to provide the mystery boxes with flowers for these students.


    The assignment:

    Create a frame bouquet with the theme 'Covid-19 virus' very clearly in it. This frame had to consist of 70% plant material! This frame was allowed to be made even before the students would receive the mystery box. This was of course quite exciting for the students, because they had no idea what flowers would be in this mystery box.

    The whole thing had to be presented in a video to the jury and they would judge it.

    FloraPodium is proud of the students' results! We are happy to share the videos the students made with you!


    FloraPodium,  12 April 2021


    The story of 2nd prize winnar Lisanne Potuyt

    Zone College Zwolle

    It all started with the preliminaries of the SKILLS HEROERS. I had won these and would represent the zone college at the NK which would take place on Wednesday 24 March. Soon all participants were told that it could not take place because of corona. After a while, I heard from a teacher that the teachers of all the participating schools had come together and thought of a new idea and whether I would like to pursue that as well. The idea was that we were given an assignment and could present it to the jury in the form of a short film.

    About a week and a half before the movie was made I got the assignment; a frame bouquet with the theme COVID-19. (This was on a Monday). The next day I had an inspiration session with a teacher and we looked at what corona actually means to me and what it did to me. So I started sketching and collecting images. Then I immediately started making the frame because half a week had already passed.

    By means of 2 rings and Corylus I made a cocoon which actually represents how we live during corona. The frame was ready and the next day a company would come and make a film of me. I didn't know the flowers beforehand so that was a surprise when I arrived at school on Thursday morning. Among others beautiful Fritilaria's, Scabiosa, and Viburnum.

    Together with the men who filmed me we looked at what should be in the movie, because we had received the assessment form for the jury to judge. After 2 hours of filming my bouquet was ready. Friday I received the video edited and in my mailbox, sent directly to the jury and then it was wait until Wednesday.

    On Wednesday we received a link where all participants, jury and spectators were in a meeting. All participants showed a piece of their film and told something about it where necessary. Around half past two we got the results. The jury first told a piece about the bouquet and then who was on that spot. And then there were only numbers 1 and 2 left and I was not yet named first of number 1 also told the story and then they said: 'And number 2 is Lisanne Potuyt' (my piece of the jury: Number 2! Lisanne Potuyt).

    What an enthusiasm you radiated! Your flowers were already prepared in the background. You showed well how you had developed your frame. The finishing touch with echeverias made your arrangement complete. The arrangement fitted well with the accompanying vase.

    All the developments I did I shared with my followers. I had been warming them up for a week that the video would finally come online on Wednesday at 4:30. And so I have experienced and lived through this whole 'contest'.

    You can follow Lisanne on instagram!



    The story of 3rd prize winnar Michelle Verheij

    MBO LENTIZ Westland

    Last November I won in the preliminaries at my school for The Skills the Finals! This meant that I could go to the Dutch Championships which would take place on March 23, 2021! Because of the Corona this was cancelled, which was a great pity of course! I was really looking forward to this. Fortunately, there was an alternative competition organized in a Coronaproof way! We got the assignment to make a frame bouquet in the theme COVID-19 and send in a video of it. The flowers were still a surprise, because we received them later. I made a frame from bindwire and thick aluminum wire. It contained mouth masks and syringes. Together with Jaap Stolze I made a nice video and I ended up in third place!



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