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    Florinca 'Arcadia'


    Florinca 'Arcadia' is available all year.


    In the spotlights

    A few months ago, breeder ‘Könst’ brought us a new type of Florinca for  the FloraPodium. They would like to see this species gain in popularity in the market, after all it is not a "normal" Alstroemeria, but a Florinca!
    This bunch has been on the FloraPodium for more than three weeks. We were pleasantly surprised, the flowers kept getting better! So we wanted to know more about them. We went looking for the grower of this special product and ended up with Onno Dobbe, who told us everything about this new type of Florinca "Arcadia".

    Alstroemeria grower

    Onno’s grandfather founded the company in 1930. He was a very dynamic tulip grower at the time. Onno's father was the youngest of that family and stayed at the nursery. He grew carnations, roses and lilies. When Onno was about 17 years old, Alstroemerias were added. Onno has continued this cultivation, and with his experience he is also a specialist in the field of Alstroemerias.


    Trends change, also in flowers. Florinca is the improved version of the Alstresia, which was put on the market 20 years ago. They belong to the Alstroemeria category, but Onno would prefer not to use this name. Alstroemeria really has a "bouquet image", while the Florinca fits in perfectly with the modern style of today. The inflorescence is very different and the flowers have no pistil or stamens. This makes her extremely suitable for use in bridal work, both in corsages and in a lovely bouquet.

    In the spotlights

    Onno is the only grower who grows the Florinca ‘Arcadia’. The market still has to get used to it, but Onno is very enthusiastic about this beautiful flower. The flowers are cut in a more mature stage than the "normal" Alstroemeria. With a "normal" Alstroemeria you can buy a green bunch with little color. But with the Florinca the first flowers will already be open. "What you see is what you get and at home in the vase the flowers only get better". "Everything continues to grow on the vase, every flower opens and you will certainly enjoy it for two to three weeks." If you buy a bunch of Florinca, you will have a full vase; real value for money”.

    Onno told us that it would actually be better if all Alstroemerias were cut in a riper stage, just like with many other product groups. The flower receives more nutrients from the plant, making it much stronger. This ultimately benefits the vase life of the flower. Consumers are often convinced that a raw bunch lasts longer than a riper bunch. The trade responds to this demand and Onno has to deliver his Alstroemerias rawer than he would like. We hope that florists  can explain to the consumer that riper is better. It would be nice if this could be demonstrated with a product such as the Florinca.

    The decorative value of the Florinca is high, making it a versatile addition for florists to use. She looks great in a large modern bouquet. Because the flower is incredibly strong, it is also ideal for use in company arrangements, both on water and in oasis.
    The branches of the flower itself can also be used in small vases or in smaller arrangements. You can simply cut and process it; all the flowers will open.


    The cultivation

    The cultivation method of the Florinca is the same as that of the Alstroemeria. The biggest difference is that the flowers are riper and the middle flower is removed from the Florinca, just before it is picked.


    Sometimes there is a "flag" in it, as Onno describes the middle flower. It stands out above the other flowers and in order to make a uniform bunch, he removes it. The removed  flowers are actually quite beautiful and perfect for shorter arrangements, such as restaurant vases. These single branches would be an excellent product to market separately. For Onno, the question now is how they can best be supplied and whether there is a demand for them.


    Alstroemerias grow on a rhizome. These roots grow horizontally underground. New branches grow out of these underground roots and emerge upright. Unfortunately, not only branches with flowers grow in the crop, also branches with only leaves regularly emerge from the soil. These branches are removed so that the good branches get more light.
    To prevent the growth of non-flowering branches, Onno has soil cooling. These are hoses with cold water that run through the ground, so that fewer empty branches are created. Onno cannot completely prevent it with this system. Certain types of Alstroemeria are also more vulnerable to it than others.


    Special leaf

    The Alstroemeria produces flowers all year round. In the winter it takes about eight weeks for the branches to be ready for cutting, in the summer six weeks. The Alstroemeria leaves have a very special growth pattern; they rotate around the stem. In autumn and winter the leaves are much more hooked on the stem than in spring and summer. This also explains why the leaf is damaged much faster at this time of year. With the Florinca that does not present a problem; the leaves under the flower bunch often remain undamaged, the rest of the stem does not need the leaves. The decorative value really lies with the flower.


    FloraPodium, 21 November 2019




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