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    Goodbye from our colleague Lynn!

    Our sweet, enthusiastic colleague Lynn will leave our FloraPodium team. Of course we can’t let this happen without putting hér in the Spotlights once.

    Lynn is perhaps the youngest, but also the oldest team member of the FloraPodium. Before the Podium actually ran, she chose to use the FloraPodium as a graduation project. This worked out surprisingly well. Lynn has completed her education with good results. Not only on paper was the Podium filled in more and more, it also became physically more complete.

    Lynn has definitely been an important pivot in the entire design of the FloraPodium. She had a piece of marketing knowledge that we could use very well in practice. The FloraPodium 1.0 version, was quickly raised to a 2.0 level!

    With Lynn and the team we have visited the most enthusiastic growers in recent years, we did fun projects and had the most beautiful products on the Podium that we could share with the whole world.

    Dear Lynn, you have put the most important building blocks in the right place for a stable base. The rest of the team will continue to build on this with enthusiasm. You are ready for a new challenge, a challenge that you look forward to enormously and in which you can continue. Thanks for everything! We are going to miss you enormously.

    “I have been involved with FloraPodium from the start. Every week it was hard work again to get the cut flower editions out the door. In addition, there was also a "plant" edition! The FloraPodium team has faced many challenges together. We quickly made a visit to the growers, made an extra news article, put all the flowers on the water, took care of the creative bouquets and, if possible, added an extra theme week.

    To achieve this, we have traveled all over the Netherlands. Always looking for the best stories and products. It is a pleasure that all these wonderful products are grown in the Netherlands just like that. I think that few people are aware of the craft that this small country has. It made me proud to be able to translate this piece of craft to the world. The rising likes, the many views and our busy website are therefore a crown on the hard work of our team.

     Now, two years later I’ll quit my work at the FloraPodium and I take on to a new challenge! I wish all growers, florists, teachers, students and all other professional people all over the world the best of luck with all their activities. It is beautiful what is being done in this special sector and I am proud that I have experienced this in this way.

    A flowery greeting,


    FloraPodium, 03 February 2020


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