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    Blog #18 Will roses become a seasonal product again?

    ‘Will roses become a seasonal product again?’ This is the question that has been occupying us for some weeks now. Due to the extremely high gas price, many Dutch rose growers have decided to put their greenhouses on cold storage. As a result, there is very little supply at the moment. Those who want to surprise their loved ones with a beautiful bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day will have to dig deeper than in previous years.

    Buyer Rob visited the growers Koene and Van den Ende, where he talked about the situation in the Dutch market. There is currently a third less supply of Dutch roses on the market, which means that growers like Koene and Van den Ende, who do fire and light to the full, are getting much more demand for their products.

    Koene has 'Avalanche' in its range, Van den Ende 'Red Naomi', both popular varieties around Valentine's Day.

    Rob expects there to be more supply at the end of April, beginning of May (when it gets warmer), but not at the old level.


    FloraPodium, 31 January 2022



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