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    Blog #10 Salix


    Salix is ​​a very rich flowering willow tree with catkins in silver-white (Salix MAGICAL Silver) or pink (Salix MAGICAL Pink Cushion) and flowers in late winter to early spring. The catkins are the inflorescence of the willow tree and they grow from the side buds of an annual twig.

    Did you know that the name "catkin" (meaning ‘kitten’) comes from the velvety softness that is reminiscent of a cat's coat? The catkins are the seeds of the willow. It enables the wind to disperse the fluffy seeds. The pollen on the catkins plays a very important role as a food source for wild bees.

    The willow is a pioneer plant, meaning that it likes to make itself at home in an (almost) empty area where it did not occur before. The willow can mostly be found along rivers or on the border of land and water. The roots then provide an airy soil and through the humus formation of its waste, the soil becomes suitable for other species to follow, such as the ash or the oak.

    And how nice is it to use willow in flower arrangements? This way you can already make a beautiful seasonal bouquet in a bouquet with a few branches. But have you ever thought of a mono bouquet with only willow? What a luscious appearance that gives! And in a beautiful flower arrangement they give just that beautiful touch. Both in terms of feeling and appearance. The photo shows one of the possible applications. I love it!


    Kitty de Bruyn, Kolster bv

    FloraPodium, 22 maart 2021


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