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    We try to give you a small glimpse into the world of Wedding and Events flowers in different ways; for instance by highlighting a special product that we think is particularly suitable for events, but also by offering interesting facts and news, but most of all by including photos of flower arrangements and decorations for inspiration. Have you seen or made something special and would you like to share it with us? Then send your photos to: 



    Dahlia 'Fireball' from Baars Dahlia's

    A few weeks ago we had a beautifully colored Dahlia on the FloraPodium. This large-flowered beauty lives up to its name 'Fireball' because it sets everyone on fire.

    The 'Fireball' is currently only grown by grower Patrick Baars and that makes the variety even more special; there is only a very limited availability. What immediately struck us in the greenhouse was the length of the crop. The flowers almost went through the roof! Long stems, a very large flower; a really impressive crop to see.

    The vase life of this Dahlia is longer than average. Patrick says that the 'Fireball' is cut riper than the average Dahlia, and this causes the vase life of the 'Fireball' to be much longer.

    Patrick is not dissatisfied with the cultivation either, although the crop is not as stable as the other varieties he grows. Most Dahlias give a second cut fairly quickly, the 'Fireball' takes a little longer. The variety is therefore available from mid-May to mid-October, but there will be a drop in supply in the coming weeks. And when? Of course that depends on a lot of factors! We can manage a lot these days, but we have absolutely no influence on the weather outside!


    Florapodium, 08 July 2021




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