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    Lilium ´Corsage´

    Being such a bold flower, the lily is very popular, and mainly known as a cut flower. The special colors, large flowers and typical scents adorn many living rooms. Because lilies are so popular, they are also bred a lot. They therefore come in all colors, types and sizes. G.I.A. Flowers grows many exclusive flowers, including the Lilium ‘Corsage’. This is a flower that deserves some extra attention.

    The Lilium "Corsage" is actually a very old product. Already in 1961 the product was bred by a Dutchman; although it was initially only used in hatchery. But sometimes you don't have to change what is beautiful and that is exactly the case with this variety! An additional nice fact is that this lily has no pistils and no pollen!

    The product is strong and hard and produces a lot of buds; each stem holds more than 10 buds. And no matter how raw you cut the product; the buds always open completely from bottom to top!  G.I.A. Flowers has only been growing the product for two years and it took some effort to get started. Initially, Tim from G.I.A. Flowers didn’t like the flower much at all. However, a supplier recommended the product and gave him some bulbs to try. Tim reluctantly started growing them, but as soon as the first flower buds opened Tim was sold!

    Because this lily has no pistils and is therefore odorless, it is perfect for bridal work. It’s also a very slim and slender flower and easy to use. She does not dominate in a bouquet and because no pollen comes off, the wedding dress is safe!

    FloraPodium 27-05-2019



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