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    Blog #9 Pop-Up Store Aalsmeer

    To our deepest regret, despite all good intentions, reality caught up with us. The Novelty Hotel (see our previous blog) turned out to be unfeasible due to all the Corona developments and the accompanying new restrictions! We were however extremely happy with all the positive reactions and heartwarming support. The feeling prevailed that we all did not want to give up; the people we spoke to were all looking for ways to continue to do business and inform in a creative and original way within the Corona framework!

    In the light of this unfortunate event we were very happy to be asked to participate in a new local initiative; Pop-Up Aalsmeer! Two organizations, Lokaal Aalsmeer and Sylt Support, had put their heads together and then implemented their idea at lightning speed. The input of Jan de Boer, director of Barendsen, also played an important part. Pop-Up Aalsmeer was opened last Friday, November 20, in the presence of Councilor Robert van Rijn. Two young lilac growers, Erik Kramer and Frank Weenink, offered a beautiful bunch of lilacs for the occasion, as a symbol of Aalsmeer entrepreneurship!

    In the coming weeks, until January 2021, entrepreneurs can visit Pop-Up Aalsmeer by appointment to present their company in a positive way. They can make a professional company pitch here or participate in the Pop-Up café where they will be interviewed. The material is then processed and made suitable for sharing. In addition, entrepreneurs, but also private individuals, can record an inspiring Christmas message against a stunning background. Great fun to send to your staff or to friends or family of course!

    The interior of the store and the beautiful flowers are lovingly cared for by Barendsen and FloraPodium. It feels good to be working in a positive way and to connect people in this way! As far as we are concerned, this is a great initiative and we hope that many people will embrace the concept and participate!


    Caroline Haakman

    FloraPodium, 23 November 2020


    Legmeerdijk 313
    1431 GB Aalsmeer
    Tel.: +31 (0)297 386 116
    The Netherlands

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